Hey, thanks for stopping by!

My name's Lucy. I've been working with computers and programming for more than half my life now. I've picked up all kinds of skills along the way and I love to use them to help others. My specialism is in Minecraft servers, Discord bots and web content, but I'm flexible and capable of much more. If you're after something specific, please do get in touch!

I try not to take myself too seriously, but I have a keen eye for detail and take pride in producing the absolute best work that I can.


Here's some of my more recent work.

Putting the "pro" in "pronouns".
  • Spigot plugin
Quite possibly the most configurable profile plugin to ever exist.
  • Spigot plugin
Who says pastebins have to be ugly?
  • Web app
Over the years I've put together a few web tools to make administering Minecraft servers a little easier. Not affiliated with Mojang!
  • Web app
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